R-U-N 5K



於是,紐約會員最多的跑步協會(New York Road Runner),這個夏天首次辦了一場不以成績為導向的「活動」(不是比賽,但還是有計時)。在炎炎夏夜,讓除了跑步之外仍有其他興趣的跑者,有機會和其他擁有共同興趣的人交誼社交。活動在報名時就要先選定:球類運動、海灘、健行、酒友、不分類純打屁,五個族群。並把活動命名為R-U-N,We are!

Running, quite usually is a very competitive sport. Competing with your own PR from last race, competing with the training result last night, competing with the guy up front in hideous running wears, competing with someone just stepped on my new sneakers before starting line.

Running, is a very competitive sport.

NYRR, therefore, set up a new social-themed run (not necessary a race, though still timed) at Central Park, offering all runners with similar social interests a night to mingle and socialize and more importantly, to have fun. Kudos to NYRR, R-U-N, how fun!

[Updates] this post was published on August 7, 2015. Facebook Memory just reminded me so I retrieved it back and re-post here.

After my PR in United Half

So I finished my personal best half-marathon today; feeling tired, achieved, pumped and just so ready than ever for the coming race in mid-April.

Yet am I really “ready”?

With four more weeks to go, I have to travel around the global before the race day; all the following training schedules, the overwhelming workload, the coming family trip and not to mention the expected all-messed-up-sleep-due-to-time-differences. How I can be ready this way?!

I’m trying not to let nerve getting too much to me and just relax. To purposely distract myself a bit from all the craziness in life, and to truthfully record the most incredible experience to date for me, here comes my first one “Day One” journal.

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