After my PR in United Half

So I finished my personal best half-marathon today; feeling tired, achieved, pumped and just so ready than ever for the coming race in mid-April.

Yet am I really “ready”?

With four more weeks to go, I have to travel around the global before the race day; all the following training schedules, the overwhelming workload, the coming family trip and not to mention the expected all-messed-up-sleep-due-to-time-differences. How I can be ready this way?!

I’m trying not to let nerve getting too much to me and just relax. To purposely distract myself a bit from all the craziness in life, and to truthfully record the most incredible experience to date for me, here comes my first one “Day One” journal.

[Updates] this journal was published via Day One Classic App on March 18, 2015. The function is now disabled so I retrieved it back and re-post here.